Once we have executive buy-in, we not only oversee the implementation process from start to finish, but own it.

We identify technology, tools, and processes to take your business team to the next level.  The route chosen though is through business development.


DAHOBALE ADVISORY SERVICES monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.


Our professional staff includes MBAs, sales process engineer, and a customer retention expert. We have special expertise in B2B business development for professional services sector,  including software, insurance, and healthcare.

  • Free Launch - a trial service for ultra-short duration
  • Trail Blazer - focuses around customer acquisition numbers
  • Orbit - takes client organization to the next level stressing on bottom line
  • Anchor - prepares your business development team for furthering GROWTH
  • Business Partner


DAHOBALE ADVISORY SERVICES uses online research, interviews, and observation to arrive at  exhaustive segmentation that gels naturally with your offerings.





Welcome to DAHOBALE ADVISORY SERVICES - your true partner in business development for vast B2B markets of India.



The firm has been started with a mission to serve micro, small and mid-sized enterprises (MSME) that supply host of services. We assist them in business development with an eye on participation in huge B2B markets of India. 

MSMEs have traditionally been deprived of marketing might of larger organizations. In the wake of ever changing market dynamics and evolving technology landscape, they can successfully take on the onslaught of powerful competitors. To win in today's markets, MSMEs have to induce agility and sustainability in business development function & teams alongside other functions.

By imbibing this very attitude of embracing underlying challenges DAHOBALE ADVISORY SERVICES strives to forge win-win relationships with its principals & markets.

In the process, we have acquired fair understanding in various business verticals and domains owing to several assignments we have executed in the past representing software industry:

  • Transportation & logistics
  • Infrastructure, construction and turnkey contracting
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-Channel retail, eCommerce and trading
  • Digital / Robotic Accounting & HR

Come, let us celebrate the animal spirit. Together!

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